H.J. Baker markets and distributes millions of tons of solid sulphur every year from multiple origins to multiple destinations around the world. We move solid sulphur in all its forms and modes of transportation. In Vancouver, one of the largest sulphur export markets in the world, through its partnership in Sultran, H.J. Baker has a major stockpile position which enhances its role as a key player in that region.

H.J. Baker’s history in the sulphur industry dates back to the early 1900’s when the company was involved with Dr. Herman Frasch in the development of a sulphur mining extraction process. This initial activity led to H.J. Baker’s appointment as the first international sales agent for Texas Gulf Sulphur.

H.J. Baker owns and operates three sulphur processing, storage and export facilities - two in California and one in Great Britain. Because sulphur is a by-product of refining oil, the California facilities were originally built in response to the oil industry’s effort to produce cleaner fuels and their desire to engage specialized companies to handle the by-product in an environmentally responsible way.