H.J. Baker’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sulphur industry are almost 100 years in the making. Being an expert means respecting the environment and our communities by following best-practices every day. Each phase of our operation is handled with maximum efficiency and diligence to ensure safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and respect for the environment and our local communities. 

Our Sulphur features excellent handling characteristics and purity. Our manufacturing process reduces dust and consistently delivers material that satisfies the requirements of fertilizer and industrial consumers throughout the globe.

Elemental sulphur is a by-product of oil and gas extraction and refining. The sulphur is used in the production of sulphuric acid, the most widely used chemical in the world. The global sulphur market is a supply-driven market. Supply is continuous and non-discretionary. It is a by-product that must be moved for the continued operation of the refineries and gas plants. On the demand side, sulphur is an irreplaceable input in the production of fertilizer and it is also used in mining applications. The biggest consumer centers are located in the Americas, China, Australia and Africa.

H.J. Baker offers a variety of sulphur products: Liquid Sulphur, Solid Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid. Each of these presents unique challenges and opportunities for both producers and consumers. Our expertise & experience plays a key role in successfully meeting our customers’ needs.