H.J. Baker is committed to engaging with our communities and stakeholders.

We believe the best way to build healthy communities is by developing an attitude of service and commitment. This shared belief is the reason our company employees take an active role in contributing to the health and welfare of the communities where they live, work and play. Our company and employees volunteer countless hours and contribute financial assistance every year to support numerous organizations, including schools, hospitals, and first responders.


Corporate Social Responsibility

H.J. Baker is committed to the economic development and the quality of life of employees, their families, and society at large.


Our reputation for dependability and quality is more than 170 years strong.

H.J. Baker’s reputation for dependability and quality was built on a strong foundation from the beginning. It is continued today as H.J. Baker focuses on the four pillars of good corporate social responsibility: sustainability, community, education, and diversity. Thinking about resources differently was born early at H.J. Baker. Pomace, a by-product of making castor oil, one of H.J. Baker’s first products, was transformed into the first fertilizer product offered by H.J. Baker. This began a way of rethinking that is now a part of the foundation of the company: looking at products and by-products from a different perspective. Another by-product, sulphur, became an integral part of H.J. Baker when, in the early 1900’s, we were involved with Dr. Herman Frasch in the development of a sulphur extraction process.

Today, H.J. Baker owns and operates three sulphur processing, storage and export facilities in California and the United Kingdom. Because sulphur is a by-product of refining oil, our facilities in California were originally built in response to the oil industry’s effort to produce cleaner fuels and their desire to engage specialized companies to handle the by-product in an environmentally responsible way. H.J. Baker converts sulphur, left over from the refinery process, into non-leachable, slow-release, long-lasting fertilizers. We convert sulphur into formed sulphur that our customers use to make sulphuric acid. Over half of this sulphuric acid is used to make phosphate fertilizers.

At H.J. Baker, we believe innovation and reuse go hand in hand with stability and sustainability. We apply that thinking every day.

From sustainability to innovation, today's H.J. Baker sees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of a company built to last.


It is with profound gratitude that H.J. Baker is able to celebrate our success by giving to others. We strive to support the communities where H.J. Baker employees live and work by giving to local charities at our locations globally. By giving to local charities, H.J. Baker gives the gifts of knowledge, shelter, clean water, healthcare, and food.


The safe handling of products is a top priority for our company. We invest significantly in operations safety and training our employees in safety protocols. With more than 24 years of safety expertise handling sulphur, H.J. Baker’s staff is extremely qualified in safety protocols. We are committed to sharing this expertise with our customers.

An effective safety program reduces injuries, property damage, improves morale and saves money. It also avoids penalties, business interruptions, injury to reputation; and reduces workers compensation exposure.

H.J. Baker is in the process of creating a Sulphur Safety section of its website dedicated to training. With it anyone can train staff on the safe use and handling of sulphur and sulphur-based products. The training section will also have a sulphur safety quiz, answers section, and safety certificate. Our sulphur safety training webinar will available on the website as well.

At H.J. Baker, safety is our number one priority and our people make certain to share their knowledge and expertise throughout the industry.