At H.J. Baker, we take our role of environmental stewardship to heart. We value a sustainable business model that prioritizes safe, environmentally sound, and efficient operations. H.J. Baker is committed to meeting and exceeding all applicable laws and regulations.


H.J. Baker supports the Responsible AG program created with leadership from the Agriculture Retailers Association. H.J. Baker is an official partner of The Fertilizer Institute’s 4R initiative, supporting nutrient stewardship.

Doing more with less is always the goal because it is better for our customers and creates a more sustainable future for everyone. As an industry leader and as good neighbors, we will continue to research and develop new ways to feed the world’s growing population more efficiently. Our once sulphur-rich soils are now short of sulphur due, in large part, to emission-reducing technologies. Research indicates that sulphur deficiencies not only reduce yields but adversely affects quality.

H.J. Baker converts molten sulphur, a by-product of the refinery process, into formed sulphur used for fertilizers. The benefits of these fertilizers are broad and include increased resistance to leaching, soil amending properties that improve water penetration and enhance soluble calcium availability, and a reduction of conventional fertilizer usage.

Crops need sulphur to deliver high yields that feed more people and enhance profitability with better quality. H.J. Baker uses innovative technologies to deliver sulphur to plants where they need it while helping refineries produce cleaner fuels. From Canada to South America and China to Africa, H.J. Baker’s innovations are helping growers deliver higher crop yields today and our people are working to increase yields even more for tomorrow.