H.J. Baker, through its broad distribution and logistics capabilities, extensive experience and exceptional long-lasting relationships with the world’s most important producers and consumers, plays the key role of making both of these ends meet on a timely, efficient and economical manner.  We will handle the influx of products from its supply origins, no matter how remote, into the markets with the highest and most competitive demand.  Throughout our 70+ year history, we have been reliable, timely and consistent in our ability to load and to deliver sulphur from our suppliers and to our customers to prevent any interruptions of their operations.

Over 35 million tons of sulphur move across the borders worldwide every year. The product moves by rail, truck or marine vessel. H.J. Baker is the world’s leading independent player in this game.  We market and distribute millions of tons of product every year from all origins to all destinations.


Our Competitive Advantages