ICEC, an H.J. Baker Company

In June 2019, H.J.Baker announced its acquisition of Oxbow Sulphur and its international affiliates. The Oxbow Sulphur group was formerly known as ICEC, a team with over 70 years of experience in the sulphur, sulphuric acid and fertilizer industry. H.J. Baker has decided to bring the world-renowned trademark back to the industry: ICEC, an H.J. Baker Company.

ICEC is a major international marketing and distribution house with offices around the world. We are the world’s largest independent marketer and distributor of sulphur and sulphur-based products. The company owns and operates a wide array of assets and provides a variety of services to oil refineries and gas producers, as well as customers producing fertilizer, mining precious metals and manufacturing diverse chemical products.

As the world has constantly changed, ICEC has been able to grow and prosper over the years because we recognize change, adapt to it and identify the opportunities. The team keeps a sharp eye on the needs of producers and consumers in our markets. ICEC understands that, as business demands continue to change, the team must work to identify innovative, mutually-profitable ways to meet them, year after year.

The team is proud of its accomplishments and has set its sight firmly on the future as part of the H.J. Baker family. The ICEC group looks forward to a brighter-than-ever future for itself, its customers and its suppliers. Producers and consumers around the globe have been and will continue to be served by H.J. Baker with integrity, respect, responsibility and trust. Our leadership for the future is firmly in place.