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Sulphur Products

Elemental sulphur is a byproduct  of oil and gas extraction and refining. The sulphur is used in the production of sulphuric acid, the most widely used chemical in the world. The global sulphur market is a supply-driven market. Supply is continuous and non-discretionary. It is a byproduct that must be moved for the continued operation of the refineries and gas plants.  On the demand side, sulphur is an irreplaceable input in the production of fertilizer and it is also used in mining applications. The biggest consumer centers are located in America, China, Australia and Africa.

ICEC, an H.J. Baker Company, offers a variety of sulphur products: Liquid Sulphur, Solid Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid. Each of these presents unique challenges and opportunities for both producers and consumers and ICEC’s expertise & experience play a key role in successfully meeting our customers’ needs.

Solid Sulphur

ICEC  markets and distributes millions of tons of solid sulphur every year from multiple origins to multiple destinations around the world. We move solid sulphur in all its forms and modes of transportation. In Vancouver, one of the largest formed sulphur export markets in the world, through its partnership in Sultran, ICEC has a major stockpile position which enhances its role as a key player in that region.


Liquid Sulphur

ICEC  distributes liquid sulphur in North America: Canada, USA and Mexico.  Our extensive railcar asset network allows us to provide our customers the reliability and flexibility required to offtake and deliver the product from and to their facilities on a timely and efficient manner.  In addition, having access to a reliable chemical tanker in the region allows us to also import liquid sulphur via vessel into the USA from other countries.


Sulphuric Acid

ICEC handles the marketing and logistics of this commodity ensuring a regular and reliable source of competitively priced products for our customers in North America. Our extensive sulphuric acid railcar fleet,  logistic capabilities  and strong connections with suppliers allow the team to service our portfolio of customers. ICEC  owns and maintains  specialized trucks, railcars, transloaders and other purpose-built equipment necessary for the safe and environmentally-friendly transportation of sulphuric acid.

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