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Operations and Project Management

ICEC has extensive experience designing, building and operating sulphur handling facilities worldwide. ICEC  follows company-wide health and safety standards which are compliant with OSHA and International guidelines. We work closely in association with all governing regulatory agencies.

Since 2005, ICEC has reclaimed and melted over 1.75 million tons of blocked sulphur in North America, utilizing build-to-suit melting technologies to correspond with specific locational requirements.  We also offer the equipment and capabilities to reclaim, bag and ship blocked sulphur in locations where melting isn’t possible.

ICEC currently employs six sulphur and sulphuric acid transloaders across North America, helping our suppliers and customers reach markets that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.  Our knowledge and experience in transloader design allows us to react quickly to customer needs.


In 2015, we completed the construction and startup of our 100,000 metric ton per year Southampton Forming Facility located in Southampton, UK.  This facility is owned and operated by ICEC, and it provides an important outlet for local UK refinery sulphur producers. We were awarded the International Safety Award with Merit by the British Safety Council demonstrating our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce.


We are planning a new sulphur forming facility near Fort McMurray, AB in the near future (please visit www.AlbertaFormingProject.com to learn more).


Contact Information

  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Michael Verachtert
  • 1450 Lake Robbins Drive, Suite 500
  • The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Phone:+1 (346) 372-3440
  • Email:sulphur@hjbaker.com
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