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Distribution and Marketing

Sulphur supply is continuous and non-discretionary.  Since storage capacity  is limited, it must be moved in order to ensure the continuity of the operation of refineries and gas plants. Oil and Gas companies may choose to use marketers and distributors to secure timely and reliable flow of their sulphur production. Sulphur consumers, such as phosphate fertilizer producers and metal mining operations, will also choose marketers and distributors to assure a steady and timely delivery of the irreplaceable raw material into their operations.

ICEC, an H.J. Baker Company, through its broad distribution and logistics capabilities, extensive experience and exceptional long-lasting relationship with the world’s most important producers and consumers, plays the key role of making both of these ends meet on a timely, efficient and economical manner.  We will handle the influx of products from its supply origins, no matter how remote, into the markets with highest and most competitive demand.  Through ICEC’s 70-year history, we have been reliable, timely and consistent in our ability to load and to deliver sulphur to our suppliers and customers to prevent any interruptions of their operations.

Over 35 million tons of sulphur move across the borders worldwide every year. This is how Supply meets Demand. The product moves by rail, truck or marine vessel. ICEC is the world’s leading independent player in this game.  We market and distribute millions of tons of product every year from all origins to all destinations.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Global operations with presence in many countries
  • Unrivaled leader in the North America liquid and solid sulphur market
  • Exceptional presence in China, the world’s largest consumer
  • Lean, well-managed organization with experienced and knowledgeable leadership team
  • Established relations with large and small customers worldwide
  • Over 30 years of relationships with today’s top sulphur producers
  • Largest sulphur railcar fleet in North America
  • Long-term relationships with specialized trucking fleets
  • Engineering and Project Management team with experience in prilling, remelting and multiple other areas


Contact Information

  • Liquid Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid – USA
  • John Palmer
  • 1450 Lake Robbins Drive, Suite 500
  • The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Phone:+1 (346) 372-3440
  • Email:sulphur@hjbaker.com
  • Sales and Marketing – China
  • William Bo Peng
  • Beijing,
  • China
  • Phone:+ 86 10 8528 9176 ext 66
  • Email:sulphur@hjbaker.com
  • Sulphur – North America
  • Peter Goemans
  • Suite 1020, 606 4th Street SW
  • Calgary, T2P 1T1
  • Canada
  • Phone:+ 1 403-817-4330
  • Email:sulphur@hjbaker.com
  • Sulphur International
  • Mike Minicola
  • Rotterdam,
  • Netherlands
  • Phone:+31 10 441 9229
  • Email:sulphur@hjbaker.com
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