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H.J. Baker Benefits

At H.J. Baker Animal Health and Nutrition, we believe in better protein, not cheaper protein. By adding value at every step of our process, we work to help you improve efficiency and profitability. It’s the difference between being a vendor and being your partner.


  • PREMIUM GRADE PROTEIN BLENDS – We test and certify our products to ensure the industry’s highest quality and consistency.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CONCENTRATES – Our Ph. D. nutritionists will create custom formulations based on your needs.
  • ON TIME, JUST IN TIME PROTOCOLS – You can count on fresh protein blends because we don’t make a single thing until you order it. No stockpiling.
  • LOCAL MILLS – Our strategically located mills assure you of fresher products, free of excessive oxidation.


  • ABSORBABLE AMINO ACIDS – Fresher protein blends allow for improved digestibility and increased amino acid absorption.
  • ACCURATE NUTRIENT FORMULATION – Every shipment is accurately formulated to meet the exacting nutrient specifications of our Ph. D. nutritionists.
  • PRODUCT CONSISTENCY – Our protein blends set the standard for consistency in the industry. That means better nutrition, which drives better feed conversion.


  • ANTIMICROBIALS – To protect against microbial toxins, we treat our protein blends with antimicrobials to help provide wholesome products to the industry.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS – To fight oxidation and rancidity, every H.J. Baker protein blend is treated with antioxidants. There’s no better way to prevent rancidity.


  • DEPENDABLE DELIVERY – Our logistics team is unequaled in the industry. We deliver on-time, as promised so your mills can keep on-schedule and running smoothly.
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING – Our schedulers work with what’s best for you, not what’s convenient for us. We handle order changes smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Information

  • Animal Health and Nutrition Customer Service
  • 415 N. McKinley, Suite 750
  • Little Rock, AR 72205
  • Phone:(501) 664-4870
  • Email:AH&NCS@hjbaker.com
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