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Precision formulated to increase milk & component production as well as feed efficiency in high producing dairy cows.

The PRO-LAK®  family of  by-pass protein supplements is the dairy industry’s leading animal by-pass protein: precision formulated to increase milk and component production in today’s modern high producing dairy cows.

PRO-LAK dairy by-pass protein supplement is a cost effective high-protein concentrate with the by-pass benefits of fishmeal and bloodmeal. PRO-LAK®  compliments rumen microbial activity to optimize not only metabolizable protein but also the correct ratio of Lysine to Methionine.

The PRO-LAK family product line offers a variety of formulations of dairy by-pass protein supplements designed to fit specifically into a wide range of diets. These PRO-LAK® dairy products supply  uniform protein products to our customers in each and every shipment ensuring the opportunity to maximize profitability.

Contact Information

  • Animal Health and Nutrition Customer Service
  • 415 N. McKinley, Suite 750
  • Little Rock, AR 72205
  • Phone:(501) 664-4870
  • Email:AH&NCS@hjbaker.com
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