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High Performing Herds Need High Performing Amino Acids.

Enter MetaboMet™ Rumen Protected Methionine. Backed by the kind of research H.J. Baker demands for its customers, MetaboMet joins MetaboLys G3 Rumen Protected Lysine and Pro-Lak® by-pass protein formulas as another highly effective way to maximize milk production and optimize components.

For every 1,000 grams of product fed, MetaboMet delivers 340 grams of metabolizable Methionine.

Lysine and Methionine are identified as the two most limiting amino acids in dairy cows. It is almost impossible to feed cows enough crude protein to meet their ideal amino acid profile. The answer is precision rumen protected products that deliver amino acids directly to the small intestine.

Research shows early lactation cows produce high levels of milk and milk protein when the balance of essential amino acids to the small intestine is improved. Balancing for amino acids, now an industry standard, increases milk production and improves protein and fat component percentages. In addition, amino acids can impact productivity by affecting metabolism and immune function.

The challenge today is in reaching target levels of Lysine and Methionine, identified as the two most limiting amino acids in dairy cows. With the success of our rumen protected Lysine product, MetaboLys G3, it was clear we need an effective rumen protected Methionine product that could work as effectively for our customers.

Like MetaboLys®, which delivers 23.5 grams of metabolizable Lysine, it is important in the amount and digestibility of MetaboMet that is actually available in the small intestine that will impact milk production and components. That’s where we focus our data and research.

MetaboMet‘s coating is made up of fatty acids resistant to rumen degradation. This coating delivers nutrients to the small intestine, where they can be fully utilized by the cow.

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