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MetaboLys G3

MetaboLys G3

Widen your profit margins with precision delivered amino acids.

Successful dairy farmers already know overfeeding crude protein wastes resources because high-producing dairy cows need the amino acids in protein, not crude protein. Balancing for the key limiting amino acids in dairy herds delivers more milk and improved milk component quality using less crude protein. It also:


  • Improves milk and components production
  • improves feed efficiency
  • increases productivity by affecting metabolism and immune function
  • reduces nitrogen output in manure

Dairy operations face narrow margins. Focusing on precision  Amino Acid nutrition, including MetaboLys® G3 rumen protected Lysine, can widen those profit margins.

H.J. Baker’s precision MetaboLys G3 formula is a powerful precision nutrition tool to help optimize performance and profitability.  For more information sign up to access our free webinar: The Value of Amino Acids in Your Dairy Herd Ration.

Proven effective; Proven economical.

University testing means you can be assured that our product works in the field.  Research shows that approximately 90% of MetaboLys G3 by-pass Lysine remains undegraded after 16 hours of ruminal exposure, and approximately 80% is digested in the small intestine.

Contact Information

  • Animal Health and Nutrition Customer Service
  • 415 N. McKinley, Suite 750
  • Little Rock, AR 72205
  • Phone:(501) 664-4870
  • Email:AH&NCS@hjbaker.com
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