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Aqua-Pak Shrimp

AQUA-PAK™ Pro-Cision Protein Concentrate for Shrimp

AQUA-PAK™ Pro-Cision is an advanced protein concentrate for shrimp feed formulations designed to reduce the inclusion of fishmeal through use of alternative proteins coupled with more effective delivery of supplemental essential amino acids.

Supplemental amino acids are largely ineffective in shrimp feeds, due to high leaching losses before consumption. Patented AQUA-PAK™ Pro-Cision technology delivers precise amino acid requirements in a form that reduces leaching in the final feed by 40%.

Reduction of leaching losses means more effective utilization of essential amino acids, greater nutritional value of the feed, faster growth, reduced waste, and a healthier pond environment.

Pro-Cision enables reduction or complete replacement of fishmeal in shrimp feeds.  This not only reduces cost, but also improves sustainability by reducing pressure on scarce marine ingredients.

AQUA-PAK Pro-Cision – A smart and sustainable protein for shrimp and other high-value marine and freshwater  species

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