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Aqua-Pak Fish

AQUA-PAK™ Elite protein concentrate is the original aqua-feed industry-specific protein concentrate.

AquaPak is a combination of carefully screened animal and vegetable proteins, formulated to produce the same response as fishmeal. It contains highly digestible protein, amino acids, and digestible energy balanced for (all types of) aquaculture. AquaPak is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines, resulting in a nutrient profile of consistent quality

AquaPak’s benefits as a fishmeal replacer have been demonstrated in trials at independent facilities:

  • Formulated finished feed using AquaPak as the main protein source will promote performance similar to feeds formulated with Menhaden fishmeal
  • AquaPak can replace up to seventy-five percent of fishmeal in aquaculture diets without compromising performance and with a significant reduction in ingredient costs

AQUA-PAK Fish is available in three crude protein levels, 60%, 65%, and 70% crude protein.

AQUA-PAK protein and amino acid digestibility increase as the protein concentration goes up, ensuring value to the feed mill.

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