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Aqua-Pak Elite

AQUA-PAK™ Elite protein concentrate is the original aqua-feed industry-specific protein concentrate.

AQUA-PAKTM Elite combines proven performance with improved quality control in manufacturing, (SFSF Certifications) and newly performed fish digestibility and growth trials as determined by independent facilities. It is a cost-efficient, high quality protein concentrate formulated over fifty years ago that has stood the test of time. Its benefits have been successfully proven and affirmed repeatedly for the most efficient use of fishmeal. It is a recognized ingredient that:

  • contributes a high level of digestible essential amino acids and metabolizable energy for yielding a continuously high performing finished feed product
  • is a combination of carefully screened marine and animal by-products, formulated to produce the same response as fishmeal, including all essential amino acids
  • can replace up to seventy-five percent of fishmeal in shrimp diets with a significant reduction in costs

AQUA-PAK Elite is available in three crude protein levels, 60%, 65%, and 70% crude protein. Unlike others, AQUA-PAK increases in essential amino acid content as the protein concentration goes up, ensuring value to the producer.

As part of the implementation of Aqua-Pak into our customer’s formulation, H.J. Baker’s Technical Services team provides consulting services to help achieve a high performing finished feed product. We will work with feed production staff to determine the correct mix for your operation.

Contact Information

  • Animal Health and Nutrition Customer Service
  • 415 N. McKinley, Suite 750
  • Little Rock, AR 72205
  • Phone:(501) 664-4870
  • Email:AH&NCS@hjbaker.com
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