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Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur


Micronutrient Enhanced Sulphur for Higher Yields

TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS fertilizers are made up of thousands of micron sized oxide particles per pastille (split pea fertilizer granule) encapsulated in a sulphur bentonite matrix. The unique proprietary swelling clays fracture the pastille and disperse the particles when they come into contact with soil moisture. As the particles disperse, the micronutrients undergo a controlled release conversion from insoluble oxide forms to the soluble, plant available sulphate form, minimizing nutrient losses to the environment and maximizing plant availability. TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS fertilizers uniquely provide season long release of both micro elements as well as plant available sulphate for crop growth.

Tiger-Sul Products also produces a line of crop specific micronutrient products called TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS Crop Mixes. These uniquely designed crop mixes contain the key essential minor elements specifically for optimal crop production. Each individual fertilizer pastille contains a mix of minor elements embedded into the sulphur bentonite matrix. The result is a combination of the benefits of applying TIGER® 90CR sulphur as well as an evenly distributed mix of micronutrients for optimal crop production. By increasing feeding sites and controlling the release of plant available micronutrients to the crop, we optimize nutrient uptake and minimize losses to the environment.

Rounding off the TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS fertilizer line of products is the TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS Turf Mixes specifically designed for optimal turf production and management. As all TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS Turf Mixes are embedded into a TIGER® 90CR sulphur matrix, research on TIGER® MICRONUTRIENTS Turf products has shown that, along with optimal micronutrients uptake, we see an increased nitrogen uptake and a reduction of nitrate leaching when used in a turf management program.

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