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H.J. Baker’s experts in dairy feed ingredients know the cow and the science.

In conjunction with Cornell University, H.J. Baker began work on a by-pass protein product for cows in the mid 1980s.  At that time, clear research was also developing that showed the benefits of an “ideal amino acid profile” or balancing for amino acids.  Efforts to apply standard feeding programming methods for solving specific essential and nonessential amino acid needs to supply this ideal amino acid profile proved unsuccessful until H.J. Baker developed Pro-Lak® dairy by-pass supplement.

PROLAK_DAIRYPro-Lak by-pass protein supplement was not formulated for minimal cost but for maximum amino acid indexing.  The results of a 35 herd (7,289 cow) study confirmed the formulation concept and established Pro-Lak dairy by-pass protein as an industry leading product.  Pro-Lak dairy by-pass protein remains one of the most effective products on the market today for lactating cows.

H.J. Baker continues its commitment to the dairy industry working with university research programs and scientists to make certain our products benefit the industry and are highly effective.

After several years in research and development to create a high-quality lysine product that improves both milkmetabolys g3 logo quantity and milk components even more, H.J. Baker developed MetaboLys™ G3 by-pass lysine. It was H.J. Baker’s goal to offer the dairy industry the most digestible source of lysine and to increase income over feed cost. We took our time to develop a product that we know delivers. With MetaboLys G3 by-pass lysine, we know the producer benefits, the nutritionist benefits, the farmer benefits and the cows benefit.

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