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A high-quality product created to improve milk volume and components.

H.J. Baker’s experts in dairy feed ingredients know the cow and the science. After several years in research and development to create a high-quality product that improves both milk quantity and milk components, H.J. Baker has created HJBakerHalfPageMetaboLys® by-pass lysine. It is H.J. Baker’s goal to offer the dairy industry the most digestible source of lysine and to develop new products and technologies that increase income over feed cost. We took our time to develop a product that we know delivers. The producer benefits, the nutritionist benefits, the farmer benefits and the cows benefit.

Proven source of metabolizable lysine
Proven effective
Proven economical

University testing means you can be assured that our product works in the field.  Research shows that approximately 89% of MetaboLys® by-pass lysine remains undegraded after 16 hours of ruminal exposure, and approximately 80% is digested in the small intestine.

John K. Bernard, Ph.D., Dipl. ACAN; Animal & Dairy Science Department; University of Georgia

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