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PRO-PAK® protein concentrate is the original aqua-feed industry fishmeal analog.

Created over 50 years ago by H.J. Baker, PRO-PAK protein concentrate is used today worldwide as a cost-efficient replacement for fishmeal. It is a recognized ingredient that contributes a high level of amino acids, metabolizable energy and digestibility, at a fraction of the cost of fishmeal. Its benefits have been successfully proven and affirmed repeatedly through research performed by universities and independent nutritionists.

PRO-PAK protein concentrate is a combination of carefully screened marine and animal by-products, formulated to produce the same response as a high quality 60% to 65% protein fishmeal, including all essential amino acids. Not only are the levels of amino acids evaluated but, more importantly, the amount of digestible amino acids provided is equal to or greater than what fish meal provides. PRO-PAK protein concentrate can replace up to 75% of fishmeal in shrimp diets with a significant reduction in costs.

PRO-PAK protein concentrate is produced in six plants strategically located throughout the United States under strict quality controls. All raw materials are carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality standards are met. By using only the finest ingredients available, we can guarantee the consistency of every PRO-PAK protein concentrate shipment. All finished material is tested and screened. Our uniform and consistent shipments eliminate lost production time and any need for costly reformulation.

H.J. Baker’s rigid quality control procedures ensure the Pro-Pak families of products produced for export comply with each specific country’s requirements and/or restrictions concerning the use of animal proteins in feed products.

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